Video: How insideHPC Uses Video to Build Community

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Our Video Sunday feature continues with this interview of Rich Brueckner by Michele De Lorenzi from CSCS. Brueckner describes how he uses video to build community using portable technologies.

For people interested in getting started with video blogging, he recommends checking out this post by Joyent’s Deirdre Straughan.

Recorded at the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Workshop in Lugano on March 14, 2012.


  1. How about having a lot less video on this site?
    Really, how many of us are idle enough to have 15 minutes to watch a video containing information that could be absorbed with a minute of reading? (And no, I don’t mean links to PDFs or Powerpoints, either).
    Also “community”? I – and surely most of your readers – come here for news, not dating.

    • Thanks for your input, moonbug. Community is about sharing information. Perhaps we could do a better job balancing our text news with videos, but hundreds, sometimes thousands of people watch these programs and they often rise to the top of our most popular news.