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Archives for April 2012

Research HPC Podcast Examines Near Threshold Voltage for Exascale

Mike Bernhardt from The Exascale Report has released the second installment of his Research HPC podcast series featuring key voices from the Intel Labs think tank. In this podcast, Mike discusses Near Threshold Voltage processing with Vivek De, an Intel Fellow and Director of Circuit Technology Research at Intel Labs. NTV processing is a research area that holds tremendous […]

Video: mds survey – Metadata Workload Simulator for Lustre

In this video, Oleg Drokin from Whamcloud presents: mds survey – Metadata Workload Simulator for Lustre. Recorded at LUG 2012 in Austin.

Common Communication Interface (CCI) Project Benefits for HPC

Scott Atchley from ORNL writes that the Common Communication Interface (CCI) is an open-source project under development that promises simplicity, portability, performance, scalability, and robustness for parallel applications. Given the goals described in part 1, we are developing the Common Communication Interface (CCI) as an open-source project for use by any application that needs a […]

Video: Xyratex Storage for HPC

In this video, Peter Bojanic from Xyratex presents and overview of the company’s storage solutions for HPC. Recorded at LUG 2012 in Austin. ClusterStor introduces a scale-out storage architecture especially designed to match and take full advantage of the performance and capacity scaling capabilities of the Lustre file system. ClusterStor 3000 is a rack-scale Lustre storage solution […]

Green Revolution Deploys Liquid-Submersion-Cooled Super for Oil & Gas

Remember the CRAY-2? Heather Clancy over at ZDNet writes that liquid-submersion cooling is making a comeback in high-density computing. Green Revolution Cooling, which develops fluid submersion cooling system for high-performance servers, has just finished the largest installation of its technology in Houston. The customer is CGGVeritas, which uses 1U dual-GPU SuperServers from Super Micro Computer […]

Video: Highly-Available Lustre with SRP-Mirrored LUNs

In this video, Charles Taylor from University of Florida presents: Highly-Available Lustre with SRP-Mirrored LUNs. Recorded at LUG 2012 in Austin. Note: Most of the videos from LUG 2012 are now posted at the OpenSFS site.

This Week on inside* Publications

We had a fantastic time in Austin at LUG 2012 this week, and we’re looking forward to doing a wrap-up show soon. In case you missed them, here are some recent highlights our inside* publications: Slidecast: MongoDB Overview. Nosh Petigara from 10Gen presents and overview of MongoDB, an open source, document-oriented database designed with both scalability and developer agility in mind. […]

Video: ORIon Project – Restructuring the Lustre Code Base to use the OSD Interface

In this video, Alexey Zhuravlev and Johann Lombardi from Whamcloud presents on the ORIon Project. In conjunction with LLNL, Whamcloud is restructuring of the Lustre code base to use the OSD interface. LLNL will begin using the Orion branch for their Sequoia system with ZFS as the back-end filesystem. Recorded at LUG 2012 in Austin. Note: Most […]

Video: HPCS I/O Scenarios

In this video, John Carrier from Cray presents: HPCS I/O Scenarios. Recorded at LUG 2012 in Austin. Note: Most of the videos from LUG 2012 are now posted at the OpenSFS site.

New Paper: An Early Evaluation of the Scalability of Graph Algorithms on the Intel MIC Architecture

Erik Saule and Umit V. Catalytirek from Ohio State University have published a new paper examining the scalability of the upcoming Intel MIC architecture on Graph algorithms. Abstract Graph algorithms are notorious for not getting good speedup on parallel architectures. These algorithms tend to suffer from irregular dependencies and a high synchronization cost that prevent […]