Common Communication Interface (CCI) Project Benefits for HPC

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Scott Atchley from ORNL writes that the Common Communication Interface (CCI) is an open-source project under development that promises simplicity, portability, performance, scalability, and robustness for parallel applications.

Given the goals described in part 1, we are developing the Common Communication Interface (CCI) as an open-source project for use by any application that needs a NAL. Note that CCI does not replace MPI since it does not provide matching or collectives. But it can be used by an MPI, probably as its NAL (likewise by a parallel file system). For applications that rely on the sockets API, it can provide improved performance when run on systems with high-performance interconnects and fall back on actual sockets when not.

A Tip of the Hat goes to Jeff Squyres for pointing us to this post. Read the Full Story.