DDN to Support Blue Waters Super with 100 GB/s Storage

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Today DDN announced that NCSA has selected the DDN SFA12K storage array to deliver 100GB/s of storage performance for archiving data on the upcoming Blue Waters supercomputer. With a sustained performance of over 1 Petaflop on a range of real-world science and engineering applications, this system is expected to be one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

Since 2002, DDN has partnered with NCSA on world-leading supercomputing endeavors and has been associated with each of their major computing initiatives,” said Alex Bouzari, CEO and cofounder, DDN. “We are pleased to once again work with NCSA and be part of the Blue Waters project, which will play a critical role in enabling breakthrough advancements in many fields of science.”

Built by Cray, the Blue Waters supercomputer will have more than 380,000 AMD processor cores and 25,000 compute nodes, and is designed with an integrated archive environment that is scalable to over 500 petabytes. Read the Full Story.