T-Platforms Gets Cash Infusion to Spark Innovation

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Today Russan HPC vendor T-Platforms announced that the Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs will acquire a 25% stake in T-Platforms. This equity arrangement with the bank will allow T-Platforms to strengthen its technology leadership position while raising the overall competitiveness of Russian supercomputer technologies in the global HPC market.

This investment enables the development of a critical element of the modern economy as supercomputing technology creates the necessary conditions for the transformation and competitiveness of many high-tech industries, including aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, nanotechnology, transport & power engineering, metallurgy, military industry, and others,” said Vsevolod Opanasenko, CEO of T-Platforms. “In addition, it contributes to the diversification of Russian exports to include the most advanced high-tech HPC products as well as consolidation of Russia’s position among the global technological leaders.”

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