The University of Birmingham Works with Adaptive to Broaden Its HPC Offering

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At the recent Moab.con user conference, Adaptive Computing announced that the University of Birmingham is broadening its user base with a Windows-based service for Microsoft HPC-aware applications that runs alongside their existing Linux-based service. This move will expand the availability of university’s HPC offerings to a wider variety of research disciplines, and is being made possible by the advanced scheduling capabilities of Moab, Adaptive Computing’s patented workload management technology.

To broaden our user base, we needed a more user-friendly HPC interface; however, we found that the native scheduler on the Windows system wasn’t well suited to a multi-user environment,” said Jonathan Hunt, IT Services University of Birmingham. “In adopting the new system, we decided to stick with the Moab technology from Adaptive. They are continually working to make their products better, and they’ve always been responsive to our needs.”

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