University of Warwick to Optimize Workloads with Adaptive

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Today Adaptive Computing announced that the University of Warwick has selected Moab to expanded their HPC capabilities. With a newly upgraded supercomputing cluster, Warwick project managers found themselves in need of a robust job management system that could handle the increased workload.

It’s been extremely important for us to maintain our level of customer service while we expand our abilities,” noted Matt Ismail, HPC manager, University of Warwick. “With Moab, we can ensure fairness among our customers and make adjustments, dedicating more resources to jobs as necessary. It’s helped us become much more productive.”

Moab provides the university with the ability to organize not only traditional nodes, but its GPUs as well; further reducing the time spent manually managing jobs. It also gives them important job information, such as projecting when each job is expected to start, which further enhances the level of service they provide to their customers. Read the Full Story.