Video: Lustre Quality Presentation from LUG 2012

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In this video, Chris Gearing and Mike Stok from Whamcloud present: Lustre Quality. Recorded at LUG 2012 in Austin.

Note: Most of the videos from LUG 2012 are now posted at the OpenSFS site.


  1. […] The only reason that a six month release cycle is even within the realm of possibility is due to all of the infrastructure and the development framework that has been put in place by Whamcloud and OpenSFS. There’s a really clear path as to how to request features, how features are evaluated and their release is determined (check out the OpenSFS Technical Working Group), how they make it into the source tree, and how landings are tested, reviewed and ultimately approved. There’s also a great focus on quality, as evidenced by the great talk given by Chris Gearing. […]