Video: Lustre Releases Update from LUG 2012

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In this video, Peter Jones from Whamcloud presents: Lustre Releases. Recorded at LUG 2012 in Austin.

Note: Most of the videos from LUG 2012 are now posted at the OpenSFS site.


  1. […] Peter Jones talk laid out the Lustre versioning scheme they’re using at Whamcloud and gave some insight into the release cycle. It seems that Whamcloud is more or less using a semantic versioning scheme, though they don’t necessarily call it that, or adhere to all of the semver standards. Overall, the scheme is really good, and the even more interesting bit is that Whamcloud is planning a schedule of feature releases every six months and maintenance releases every quarter. Wow! It seems that they have a great development process in place though, and so they may actually be able to keep to that schedule. One great bit of news is that Lustre 1.8.x support will not be ended in June, but will continue on as long as there is demand. […]

  2. […] at Whamcloud, occurring as this blog is being posted, available here shortly.) Video available here from […]