Video: Scalability — How to Configure and Manage Scalability for Moab and Torque

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In this video, Jason Booth and David Beer from Adaptive Computing present: Scalability — How to configure and manage scalability for Moab and Torque. Following that, Bryan Caron from Compute Canada presents a customer case study.

In this talk we will outline the experiences of the centre with Moab and Torque in providing a scalable, performant system for managing and processing workloads for a diverse community of users. Aspects of that experience to be discussed include the use of hierarchical fair share trees, resource management for overall system stability, and scheduler tunings to enable high throughput submission of workloads. The plans for the growth of the centre in 2012 will also be described with an emphasis on scheduler scalability and flexibility to meet the operational challenges in that environment.”

Recorded at Moab.Con 2012 in Park City.