Webinar: Maximizing Performance with AMD’s “Bulldozer” Architecture – April 19

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Admin Magazine, ScaleMP, and HP are hosting a webinar on Maximizing AMD Bulldozer Application Performance on April 19, 2012 at 2:00 PM EDT.

Reaching new levels of performance with the AMD Opteron™ 6200 Series processor technology on today’s applications requires an understanding of the underlying architecture and scalable system design. This webinar targets application developers and system administrators who want a deeper understanding of AMD architecture as it relates to HPC workloads. Our discussion will include what you should know; from the operating system, to tools and compilers, as well as software visible features only available on AMD technology. We’ll also describe how vSMP Foundation™ (vSMP) from ScaleMP creates larger memory SMPs from HP ProLiant systems, to scale beyond traditional server designs in a technical computing environment, as we present “Maximizing performance with AMD’s “Bulldozer” Architecture”

Richard Meyer, Sr. Design Engineer – AMD
Alanna Dwyer, HPC Marketing Manager- HP
Benzi Galili, COO, ScaleMP

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