Xcelerit wins award for the most innovative industrial HPC application in Europe

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PRACE has named the Xcelerit platform as most the innovative HPC application in Europe. As winners of a PRACE competition to find the “boldest industrial HPC application,” Xcelerit is an Irish a software company that specializes in cross platform acceleration tools for financial services, engineering and scientific research.

I decided that my strategy for the sustainability of PRACE was going to be to associate it with scientific excellence”, commented Professor Richard Kenway, who chairs the organization’s scientific steering committee. “I hope this prize will be something that not only persists, but becomes very much associated with leading edge, innovative breakthroughs in the use of HPC by industry – something that we in Europe can take a lead on. I’m very pleased to announce that the company that wins this first PRACE industry prize is Xcelerit.”

The Xcelerit platform enables users to take existing software written sequentially and very quickly adapt it to take advantage of GPUs. Read the Full Story.


  1. Congrats to Xcelerit on the award.