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Archives for May 2012

Big Blue Supers Crunch Kaon Decay

By Richard Chirgwin • Get more from this author Looking at the fundamental properties of matter can take some serious computing grunt. Take the calculation needed to help understand kaon decay – a subatomic particle interaction that helps explain why the universe is made of matter rather than anti-matter: it soaked up 54 million processor hours on […]

New HPC500 Org Seeks Applicants

Clipped from: (share this clip) Intersect360 Research is seeking applicants for their new HPC500 organization, an exclusive community of HPC users intent on shaping the future of the HPC industry. The HPC500 are the bellwethers of the HPC industry,” says Intersect360 Research CEO Addison Snell. “These are the organizations who bring high performance computing […]

Interview: PRACE Scientific Conference at ISC’12 to Showcase European HPC

The European PRACE Research Infrastructure announced an award this week of 120 million core hours on the new CRAY XE6 Hermit supercomputer at HLRS. With their PRACE Scientific Conference 2012 coming up at ISC’12, I caught up with Maria Ramalho to learn more about what else PRACE has in store for HPC. insideHPC: The European Commission […]

Survey: Help Map the Future of Digital Infrastructure in the UK

Clipped from: (share this clip) The UK’s newly formed e-Infrastructure Leadership Council is conducting a survey to help plan future activities and investments. The ELC oversees investment and coordination for the government-funded UK e-Infrastructure, especially HPC, including a recently-announced £158m investment. This is your chance to directly influence not only how this funding is […]

ISC Cloud’12 to Focus on HPC and Big Data

On September 24 – 25, cloud computing experts from around the world will gather at ISC Cloud’12 in Mannheim, Germany with an eye on reducing HPC complexity for researchers. HPC utilization is becoming increasingly complex and a new trend emerges almost every year. There’s multicore and manycore, scaling up and out, big data, digital manufacturing […]

Video: John West from DoD Mod on the TOP500 and Sharing the Goodness of HPC

In this video, John West, Director of the DoD HPC Modernization Program discusses the TOP500 list and how HPC users need to better communicate the benefits of high performance computing. Recorded at the 2012 National HPCC Conference in Newport.

Stage Set for Hamburg Cluster Carnage

Dan Olds takes a look at the specific challenges facing the teams at the upcoming ISC’12 Student Cluster Competition. Both competitions ask students to run the HPC Challenge benchmark on the first day, and both give an award for the highest LINPACK score. At SC10 in New Orleans, three teams broke through the 1teraflop barrier. […]

Yellowstone Super First to Crunch Local Climate Models

To be deployed this summer in Cheyenne, Wyoming, NCAR’s new Petascasle Yellowstone supercomputer will be the first system capable of local climate modeling. It’s a big deal,” said climate scientist Linda Mearns of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. Yellowstone will help researchers calculate climate change on a regional, rather than continental, […]

Avoca Now Fastest Super in Australia

This past weekend VLSCI installed Avoca, the fastest supercomputer in Australia. With a mission to accelerate life science computation, the new machine comprises 4 racks of Blue Gene/Q and is due to come online in early July with 836 teraflops of processing power. Each node has 16 Power cores and 16GBytes RAM. There is hardware […]

Gentzsch: HPC Complexity Driving Move to Cloud

Over at the ISC Blog, Wolfgang Gentzsch writes that ever-increasing complexity in high performance computing is driving the need for HPC in the Cloud. Rather than having to rely on a corporate IT department to procure, install and wire HPC servers and services into the data center, there is the notion of self-service, where users […]