Does Your Device Support OpenCL?

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Vincent Hindriksen from StreamComputing writes that it can be difficult to determine if your CPU supports OpenCL, so he put all the information in one handy place.

Often it is not clear how OpenCL works on CPUs. If you have a 8 core processor with double threading, then it mostly is understood that 16 pipelines of instructions are possible. OpenCL takes care of this threading, but also uses parallelism provided by SSE and AVX extension. I talked more about this here and here. Meaning that an 8-core processor with AVX can compute 8 times 32 bytes (8*8 floats or 8*4 doubles) in parallel. You could see it as parallelism of parallelism. SSE is designed with multimedia-operations in mind, but has enough to be used with OpenCL. The absolute minimum requirement for OpenCL-on-a-CPU is SSE3, though.

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