GPU Proliferation in HPC Reflected in SC Conference Showfloor

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Our GTC 2012 coverage continues with Dan Olds’s report on the rapid spread of Cuda and GPU computing. One measure is its increased presence the annual Supercomputing Conference series.


This story is perhaps best told via pictures. In this first picture, we’re looking at the booth layout of the SC07 show floor in Reno. Like a typical SC show, there were a few hundred exhibitors ranging from hardware, software, and service vendors to academic institutions, research labs, and government research organizations. The sole presence of hybrid computing is the tiny green dot at the upper left of the schematic. It’s NVIDIA’s small booth – the lone beachhead for GPU-accelerated HPC. Fast-forward four years and… look at the progress. The SC11 show floor diagram is literally covered with green squares and rectangles.”

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