Load Testing with the Cloud – This Week on inside* Publications

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GPUs were all the rage this week, but there was also a lot more going on in the news. In case you missed them, here are some recent highlights our inside* publications:




  • Slidecast: SOASTA CloudTest Overview. By leveraging the cloud, tests can be distributed globally, executed at any scale, and run affordably. And real-time analytics provide immediate, actionable intelligence — a requirement for testing live production environments.
  • Interview: Toyota Relies on ZL Unified Archive. Toyota’s primary reason for bringing ZL in-house as their primary archiving system was to ensure defensible preservation of data for litigation, including search, retention and storage management.




  • Video: Fireside Chat from Emerging Companies Summit. Jen-Hsun Huang and Tim Bajarin from Creative Strategies discuss trends in mobile, visual and parallel computing, and the transformational changes ahead for the industry.
  • Feature: Turning Entrepreneurship into a Science. Max Marmeer from the Startup Genome writes that we are missing a common language and framework to describe and measure entrepreneurship and innovation.