New Debugging Solutions and Test Suite for OpenACC

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The week the OpenACC standards group announced growing support for OpenACC-supported development tools, and initial results from programmers who have been using the recently-released OpenACC compilers to accelerate research. Designed to enable scientists to take advantage of heterogeneous CPU/GPU computing systems, the OpenACC programming standard is now available in compiler products from the OpenACC founding members, Cray, The Portland Group (PGI) and CAPS enterprise. It is also gaining increasing support in other programming tools, including recently released solutions by Allinea and RogueWave, which provide visual debugging of OpenACC directives on Cray XK6 systems.

Using PGI’s OpenACC compiler, we ported a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) application benchmark to a general purpose GPU-based system,” reported NASA researchers in an upcoming research paper. “OpenACC is a much easier way to accelerate applications than other programming approaches, and we saw an immediate speed up of the benchmark on multiple tests, up to 10X faster compared with a single CPU core-based system.”

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