New HPC500 Org Seeks Applicants

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Intersect360 Research is seeking applicants for their new HPC500 organization, an exclusive community of HPC users intent on shaping the future of the HPC industry.

The HPC500 are the bellwethers of the HPC industry,” says Intersect360 Research CEO Addison Snell. “These are the organizations who bring high performance computing technology to bear on challenging problems in science, engineering, and business, and whose insights will help guide the course of development for the HPC industry as a whole.”

The first fifty member organizations have already been chosen, and Intersect360 Research will continue to select members throughout 2012 to reach the target 500 members, based on maintaining an accurate demographic representation of the HPC industry. Members enjoy numerous benefits, including free access to Intersect360 Research’s actionable market intelligence; insightful discussions with other members of the HPC500; exclusive receptions at industry conferences; and exclusive, quarterly conference calls on industry trends and HPC topics of interest.

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