Nvidia Brings Eclipse to Nsight IDE

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Today Nvidia announced their new Nsight, Eclipse Edition, an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing GPU accelerated applications on Linux- and Mac OS-based systems. With powerful visual profiling and debugging tools, the new IDE enables developsers to write, debug and optimize the performance of GPU-accelerated applications within a familiar open source Eclipse framework.

NVIDIA Nsight is the ultimate development platform for heterogeneous computing,” said Ian Buck, general manager of GPU computing software at NVIDIA. “Whether you’re a graphics or HPC developer, Nsight makes it easy to develop parallel code for GPUs and CPUs using your preferred IDE.”

The company also announced an updated version of NVIDIA Nsight, Visual Studio Edition for Microsoft Windows developers. Formerly known as NVIDIA Parallel Nsight, the new version adds a number of enhancements designed to ease parallel programming on GPU-based Windows systems. Read the Full Story.