Video: Cyber Security Defense Using HPC

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Note: audio issues with this program have been repaired.

In this video, Alex Kent from Los Alamos National Lab presents: Cyber Security Defense Using HPC.

Adversaries in the cyber domain continue to escalate their use of more sophisticated attacks and associated detection countermeasures. As a result, the difficulty and complexity of finding such adversaries and their attacks increasingly challenges cyber defenders. Traditionally, high performance and parallel computing (HPC) has been a successful tool in tackling complex problems, particularly over large data sets. Yet it has only been recently that HPC has successfully impacted the cyber defense problem. This talk will introduce the cyber defense problem space and its escalating nature. Three key areas where HPC is making contemporary and tangible improvements to cyber defense will then be discussed: distributed data storage and query, streaming data analysis, and large-scale graph analysis. Each of these areas will include overviews of both research and operational systems currently at the Department of Energy national laboratories that are leveraging core HPC capabilities for improved cyber defense. In addition, the importance and use of both message passing (e.g. MPI) and map/reduce (e.g. Hadoop) approaches to parallel processing will be highlighted. The talk will conclude with a discussion of the critical importance of HPC in forward-looking cyber security defense and where future directions may lead.”

Recorded at the National HPCC conference 2012 in Newport.


  1. David Wilson says

    The audio fails at 12:32 (about half way through). Needs a look since this was a pretty good talk to that point.