Video: Programming Heterogeneous Many-cores Using Directives

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In this Part 1 of this video, Francois Bodin from CAPS presents: Programming Heterogeneous Many-cores Using Directives.

Directive-based programming is a very promising technology to deal with Many-Core. In this context, HPC users can rely on emerging standards such as OpenACC and OpenHMPP. CAPS will introduce OpenACC and HMPP directive-based programming models with companion tools (e.g. for tracing, tuning, debugging): HMPP Wizard, CULA, ArrayFire, Vampir, Paraver, DDT, CodeletFinder, etc. The speakers will provide insights on how GPU / CPU can be exploited in a unified manner and how code tuning issues can be minimized. The discussion will also cover the use of libraries which is essential when addressing Many-Core Programming. Pathscale will present its product supporting OpenHMPP programming model.

Recorded at GTC 2012 in San Jose. Download the slides (PDF).

In Part 2 of this video (starting at the 30 minute mark) Christopher Bergstrom from Pathscale presents: Pathscale Enzo. ENZO is a complete GPGPU and multi-core solution, which tightly couples the best programming models with highly optimizing code generation for Nvidia Tesla. Download the slides (PDF).