Xoreax Software Finds Diamonds in the Cloud

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Xoreax Software announced recently that diamond-producer Sarin Technologies has has adopted the company’s IncrediBuild-XGE acceleration software. Sarin is using IncrediBuild-XGE to accelerate the performance of Sarin Advisor, a specialized diamond analysis application that maximizes the value of raw diamonds. The software calculates millions of potential diamond cutting options and identifies optimal cutting patterns based on stone attributes including size, weight, and internal flaws.

Our adoption of IncrediBuild-XGE is really a win for our customers,” explained Uzi Levami, Chief Executive Officer of Sarin. “With IncrediBuild-XGE, we not only maximize diamond value for clients involved in gemstone production and extraction, but also enable them to save significant time and resources.”

Using traditional sequential processing, full optimization analyses for complex projects used to take as long as 40-60 hours. By applying IncrediBuild-XGE software acceleration technology, Sarin was able to slash processing time to 1 or 2 hours. In other cases, simpler 1 to 2 hour analysis processes now finish within 10-15 minutes. Workflows that once took several days have been reduced to a single night’s run.

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