Interview: SGI’s Big Brain Supercomputer Enables Scientific Discovery

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In this video, Bill Mannel from SGI discusses the new “Big Brain” SGI Altix UV 2supercomputer. He also describes the company’s new Sandy Bridge clusters solutions, TOP500 results, and a recent win in Finland for a container-based SGI Ice Cube Air supercomputer.

The new design advancement demonstrated in this next-generation SGI UV platform is not simply focused on increasing our lead in cache-coherent memory size and corresponding core count. We have been able to deliver all of this additional capability while driving down the cost of the system,” said Dr. Eng Lim Goh, chief technology officer, SGI. “In fact, the entry level configuration of SGI UV 2 is 40% less expensive than SGI UV 1. This creates a new level of accessibility to large coherent memory systems for researchers, analysts and the ‘missing middle,’ providing an effective lower overall TCO alternative to clusters.”

Recorded at ISC’12 in Hamburg.