Twisted Light Technology Transfers Data at 2.56 Terabits/sec

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Damon Poeter over at PCmag writes that researchers have demonstrated that ‘Twisted Light’ technology capable of data transfers at 2.56 Terabits per second, fast enough to transfer a feature film to your smart phone in one second. Researchers from the University of Southern California, China, Pakistan, and Israel say their data transmission process gets around the need for bandwidth entirely because the twisted laser beams they use to ferry data “can effectively create the equivalent of a new data stream channel—similar to a radio having separate channels—without the need for more bandwidth.”

We didn’t invent the twisting of light, but we took the concept and ramped it up to a terabit-per-second,” said Alan Willner, an electrical engineering professor at USC.

The research report is available in the latest issue of Nature Photonics. Read the Full Story.