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Archives for July 2012

How Virtualized Symmetric Multiprocessing will ease MIC Transition

Over at GeekNet, R. Colin Johnson writes that while the new Intel MIC architecture poses some parallel programming challenges, Intel is working with ScaleMP to make this transition nearly painless. ScaleMP already offers its Versatile Symmetric Multi-Processing (vSMP) to users who want to turn multiple x86 servers into a single virtual machine (VM), and has […]

Rick McMullen Appointed Director of the Arkansas HPC Center

Rick McMullen, former director of research computing at the University of Kansas, has been appointed director of the Arkansas High Performance Computing Center. His appointment begins Aug. 13. McMullen has devoted much attention during his career to setting the agenda for adoption and deployment of new technologies and services for research and teaching based on […]

Why MPI-3.0 is Taking So Long

Cisco’s Jeff Squyres writes that MPI-3.0 is getting close to being released, but the MPI Forum wants to make sure that they get it right. It’s a bummer that it takes a while, but trust me: you don’t want to rush something as complicated as the next major revision of MPI. There’s too much at […]

University of Sheffield Installs VR System

Researchers at the University of Sheffield are benefiting from the installation of a Virtalis ActiveWall Virtual Reality (VR) system and VR software enabler for PyMOL, which allows molecular data to be visualised and interacted with in stereoscopic 3D. The university’s Krebs Institute Structural Biology Group, within the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, has installed […]

Video: How Heterogenous System Architecture will Improve Computing

In this video, PC Perspectives explains how Heterogeneous Systems Architecture works. With members including AMD, ARM, and Texas Instruments, the HSA Foundation was founded in June 2012 to enable the industry specification, advancement, and promotion of the architecture bring HSA-enabled platforms and software solutions to the market, from mobile and embedded all the way up […]

ExtremeTech Goes In-depth on Intel Xeon Phi

Joel Hruska over at ExtremeTech takes a deep-dive on Intel’s pending Xeon Phi co-processor based on the MIC architecture. While Intel hasn’t revealed all the details quite yet, Hruska does a good job of setting the stage for the Intel’s battle royale coming up this Fall with Nvidia Kepler. “The coming war between Intel and […]

UK Met Powers Supercomputer with the Sun

In this video, Seth Conway reports that the supercomputer at the UK Met Office now runs on solar-powered electricity. With 1006 panels, the solar array is the largest in the region with the capacity to generate 250 Kilowatts of power. The UK Met IBM Power6 system is used for weather forecasting and climate modeling.

ESGF Grid a ‘Silk Road’ for Climate Data

Linda Vu writes that climate researchers are using Earth System Grid Federation as a veritable Silk Road for sharing data. To ensure that climate information travels reliably from scientist to scientist, making it from “end-to-end” on ESGF, ESnet engineers worked with the climate community to deploy perfSONAR network-monitoring infrastructure. These tools, co-developed by ESnet together […]

Video: Mapping the Brain’s Interconnect

This remarkable video shows results from a new brain imaging study funded by the National Institutes of Health. Findings suggest a simplifying framework for understanding the brain’s structure, pathways and connectivity. Far from being just a tangle of wires, the brain’s connections turn out to be more like ribbon cables — folding 2D sheets of […]

CEO: New Mexico’s Encanto Super not a Failure

As reported here at insideHPC, the State of New Mexico is trying to dispose of its Encanto supercomputer in the wake of unpayed bills and a host center targeted for demolition. Now New Mexico Computing Applications Center CEO Thomas Bowles has written an editorial in the ABQJournal saying that the supercomputer is not the business […]