Interview: Sandia’s Experimental Intel MIC Cluster Hails from Appro

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In this video, Jim Ang from Sandia National Laboratories describes Arthur, an experimental Intel MIC system based on Appro’s Xtreme-X supercomputer architecture.

The Xtreme-X was initially deployed at Sandia in November 2011, and the supercomputer boasts 42 nodes based on the Mellanox QDR IB interconnect platform and configured in a multi-rack scale. The project will include three phases, with step one involving the Intel Xeon® 5600 processor and Knights Ferry software to establish a baseline system. Step two is to upgrade the system to Intel® Xeon® processor E5 Family, and the final step will transition the project to Intel® Knights Corner co-processors sometime this year.

Read the Full Story or check out this Sandia whitepaper on the Arthur Testbed.