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Dell Speeds Up NFS Storage for HPC

Over at the Dell HPC blog, Xin Chen writes that Dell’s new NFS storage solution is capable of 4000MB/s throughput while maintaining High Availability.


With the help of the PowerEdge R620 and FDR InfiniBand network connection, the NSS4-HA solution now achieves sequential read peak performance up to 4058 MB/sec!

  • Sequential read/write performance: about 75 percent increment on average; most of the improvement is with sequential reads. The write performance does not change much between the current and previous release, as the RAID 6 write performance is largely determined by the storage system itself (disk drives in the storage subsystem are configured with RAID 6).
  • Random read/write performance: about 17 percent increment for random writes and 23 percent increment for random reads on average.
  • Metadata operation performance: the increment on average is more than 20 percent for file create, stat, and remove operations.

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