Engineer Seeks Kickstarter Funds to Run Quantum Simulation

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Since Kickstarter got going a few years ago, thousands of entrepreneurs have used the crowdfunding site to finance their inventions, new businesses, and even feature films. Now, Justin Leighton, and engineer from Minnesota is attempting to Kickstart his project to simulate a field of atoms with subatomic accuracy.

The goal of this project is to create a program capable of simulating a field 50,000 or more atoms in real-time, along with all known subatomic particles. The field will interact based on the 4 forces to provide a useful tool to simulate various solids, particle fields, plasma, and the moments after the big bang.To begin this I need a supercomputer capable of a couple tera-flops, which can now be had for around $10,000. The base-code for this program is already complete and currently simulates 50,000 point particles in realtime with a simplified form of gravity. The system evolves with successive big bangs and crunches arriving at an evolved state. Further research will yield a tool useful for diverse research projects. A secondary goal of this project is to test some of the hypothesis related to the zero point energy field and the Tachyon Theory of gravity.

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