Green Grid Offers New Online Course on Data Center Maturity Model

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Is it time you brushed up on your sustainable datacenter knowledge? This week the Green Grid announced a new free online training course for its Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM). Designed to help users understand the maturity levels of their data centers and highlight areas for improved efficiency, the course makes the DCMM much easier to apply within an organization.

Without well-defined, consistent and universally accepted goals and direction, the global data center market cannot effectively enhance energy efficiency and sustainability in the data center,” said Mark Aggar, Microsoft representative and Board member, The Green Grid. “The Green Grid, with the help of the industry, developed the DCMM to serve as a comprehensive model, providing clear goals and direction that show what can and should be done over time to improve overall efficiency and sustainability throughout the data center. The DCMM Academy Course is another tool to help data center owners and operators better understand the Model and more effectively adopt it within their individual facilities and data center portfolios.”

Getting started with the Green Grid Academy is easy. I signed up for a free account and had my first online lesson going in just about a minute. Additional courses are available in server power management, constrained capacity, and measures & metrics. Read the Full Story.