How Hyper-Q Will Unleash MPI Codes for Kepler

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Over at the Nvidia blog, Peter Messmer writes that Kepler’s new Hyper-Q feature will help increase performance for thousands of legacy MPI applications without requiring a major code rewrite.

Legacy MPI-based codes were often created to run on multicore CPU systems, with the amount of work assigned to each MPI process scaled accordingly. However, this often meant that MPI processes didn’t generate enough work to fully occupy the GPU. To make the code launch enough work to fully utilize the GPU, developers frequently were required to modify their codes significantly. Hyper-Q reduces recode efforts considerably because developers can now throw many MPI processes with small- and medium-size workloads at a shared GPU. Developers no longer need to modify their codes to put enough work into a single MPI process. Rather, they can send up to 32 MPI processes with variable workloads to the GPU and just let the GPU do all the heavy lifting to maximize performance.

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