HPC Modernization Program Wins Innovation Excellence Award

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For the second straight year, IDC has recognized the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program with its HPC Innovation Excellence Award. As announced at ISC’12, the award recognizes a strong return on investment in the application of supercomputing-enabled flight certification for unmanned UAV aerial vehicles.

The Computational Research and Engineering Acquisition Tools and Environments (CREATE) Air Vehicle team within the HPCMP developed developed physics-based simulation tools for UAVs. Now organizations can generate the aerodynamic data needed to support full air-worthiness certifications in a matter of weeks, enabling them to take full advantage of these new aircraft and get into operational service faster than ever before.

This is one example of the many applications of CREATE tools being used with HPC across the spectrum of defense acquisition,” said Dr. Douglass Post, HPCMP chief scientist and leader of the CREATE project. The process using computational analysis has already resulted in full air worthiness certifications for two UAV programs, which together represent several hundred USMC aircraft deployed. Six other UAV programs are now scheduled to take advantage of the process for obtaining air-worthiness certifications. CREATE is also developing similar tools for ship and radio frequency antenna design.

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