Nimbus Data Launches Powerful New Flash Memory Arrays

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Today Nimbus Data launched its new Gemini series of flash storage arrays with a new parallel architecture capable of delivering 12 Gbytes/sec and over 1 million IOps. Targeted the enterprise, the new storage technology features 10-year endurance, high availability, and advanced multiprotocol capabilities.

The new Gemini flash memory array from Nimbus certainly sets a high bar in terms of completeness and vision for flash storage arrays,” stated Mark Peters, senior analyst at ESG. “Gemini stands out from the crowd with its architecture designed from the ground up and seamless multiprotocol versatility. The flexibility, performance and efficiency needs of contemporary and future applications will increasingly require data centers to deploy capabilities inherent in designs such as those demonstrated by Nimbus.”

In terms of density, Nimbus claims that Gemini packs 8x more capacity per rack than 15K RPM disk arrays, enabling a 30:1 consolidation in rackspace on a performance basis. Read the Full Story.