Paper: Massively-Parallel Computing on Cog ex Machina

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Greg Snider from HP Labs has published an interesting paper on the Cog ex Machina (COG) project, a software framework for building massively-parallel applications on commodity, multicore hardware.

We anticipate that technology coming within the next ten years, (such as nanostores, multicore chips with embedded, low-power memory, and photonic interconnect), will make commodity, multicore hardware computationally more powerful while using much less energy. We will be able to build “big data” applications running on servers containing many millions of cores, and low-level cognitive applications, such as speech and visual pattern recognition, running on mobile platforms containing thousands of cores. There is a broad spectrum of interesting compute-intensive applications between those extremes.But how in the world do you program millions of cores? That is the topic of this paper.

Download the paper (PDF). A Tip of the Hat goes to Stream Computing for pointing us to this story.