Penguin Computing to Power Life Science Cloud

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This week Penguin Computing and Numira Biosciences announced a partnership to bring graphics-intense data on-demand to Life Sciences customers. Leveraging the Penguins on-demand POD service, Numira Biosciences’ AltaPortal product, and Nvidia’s GPU technology, the collaboration will deliver advanced pre-clinical imaging services to researchers at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the globe.

At Numira we’ve built our reputation delivering rich quantitative analytics for preclinical medical imaging. With our AltaPortal web service, we’re taking it to the next level; our customers will be able to interactively explore and quantitatively assess their preclinical imaging data with our custom 3D visual analytic tools. Penguin’s POD service offers the ideal platform for our rendering-on-demand engine,” said David Weinstein, Numira’s Chief Technology Officer.

By leveraging POD, Numiria’s AltaPortal will enable researchers to interactively navigate rich 3D data from microCT scans with overlaid analytics customized to the task at hand. The data will be delivered as a media stream to the client’s web browser, eliminating the need to transfer large and potentially proprietary datasets over networks, and allowing them to be secured in a central location. Read the Full Story.