Podcast: Preparing for the Virtual Worlds of Exascale

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In this podcast, Mike Bernhardt from The Exascale Report interviews Mic Bowman, a principal engineer in Intel Labs and head of Intel’s Virtual World Infrastructure research project.

In this 3D web domain, the other critical aspect of this is that it’s social. Many of the existing visualizations are really targeted at a single individual. So, I’m going to create a video stream output and one person is going to look at that – and they may send some email to their collaborators later. These 3D web applications tend to be ‘we’re all in the data together’ and each one of us is potentially looking at if from a different angle and different perspective. And, we’re real-time interacting with that data. And so we may change as a result of what we see – we may change the simulation itself and change the parameters of the simulation to better fit our understanding of what’s going on with the data.

Download the MP3 or Download the transcript (PDF).

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