The HPC500

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You’re probably familiar with the TOP500, but are you aware of the HPC500?

This is an important effort that will hopefully go a long way to building an even stronger community of leading HPC practitioners.

According to the website the HPC500 is comprised of the foremost people who bring high performance computing technology to bear on challenging problems in science, engineering, and business.

Announced by Intersect360 Research just two months ago, a goal of the HPC500 is to provide insight, based on shared research and real-world experience, that will help shape the future of the HPC industry.

According to Intersect360 Research CEO Addison Snell, “As we look ahead to exascale, of course a lot of the attention is on the Top500 list, which is an excellent representation of what can be done by the elite at the uppermost reaches of supercomputing capability. The HPC500 reaches beyond that, throughout the industry, to be a global representation of the state of the HPC industry market and where it is going as a whole. The relationship between Top500 and HPC500 is interesting and important. The apex is the most exciting part of the mountain, but you also want to study the whole landscape.”

HPC500 members are leading organizations at the vanguard of their areas of specialization, spanning geographies, budget sizes, and application areas.

“HPC500 is important because in HPC, we find leadership in all applications, in all geographies, in all budget sizes,” added Snell. “An academic center in Asia might have the foremost astrophysics simulation for a particular type of nebula, and a small manufacturer in Ohio might have the leading digital manufacturing simulations for wiper blades. The HPC500 isn’t going to rank any one site as more important than another. This is a leadership community, and we’re tracking its development.”

You can find more info on the HPC500 at:

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