UPSCALE Project Awarded Record Supercomputing Time for Climate Modeling

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The PRACE Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe has awarded a record amount of supercomputer processing time to Prof. Pier Luigi Vidale and his UPSCALE project team.

The UPSCALE project aims to increase fidelity of global climate simulations and our understanding of weather and climate risk, by representing fundamental weather and climate processes more completely. This will test and enhance our confidence in projections of climate change, including extremes,” said Prof. Vidale. “Resolving weather features is vital if global climate models are to produce realistic simulations of the mean climate, variability and extremes, particularly at regional and local scales.”

Vitale and his team will use over 145 million core hours on the Hermit supercomputer to enhance their climate modelling, shooting for a higher global resolution down to 12km. Until now it has not been possible to perform extended climate runs with the HadGEM3 model at this resolution, and these experiments are expected to provide a hugely valuable resource for the study of current and future climate, complementing previous simulations at coarser resolutions. Read the Full Story.