Video: Adaptiva Epiphany-IV Outperforms x86 While Consuming Only 2 Watts

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In this video, Yaniv Sapir from Adapteva demonstrates the the Epiphany-IV 28nm multicore silicon performance. The video shows how the Epiphany processor beats an x86 processor while executing a parallel matrix multiplication demo written entirely in ANSI-C.

The Epiphany microprocessor architecture is a supremely scalable shared memory architecture, featuring up to 4,096 processors on a single chip, connected through a high-bandwidth on-chip network. Each processor node represents a fully-featured floating point RISC processor built from scratch for multicore processing, a high bandwidth local memory system, and an extensive set of built in hardware features for multicore communication. The resulting performance boost is coupled with Adapteva’s low power design and standard C programming model, bringing an unprecedented level of real-time processing to performance and power constrained mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers, as well as improving performance levels for an array of other parallel computing platforms.

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