Video: Cray High Speed Networking

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In this video, Cray’s Bob Alverson presents: Cray High Speed Networking.

This talk gives an overview of high speed interconnects across all of Cray’s products. Going back to the Seastar router, Cray has a torus network with high bandwidth. When combined with massively multithreading technology in uRiKA, Seastar provides direct load and store support that is unmatched today using commodity processors, especially on Big Data graph problems. The Gemini router introduced support for fine-grained load and store without requiring a custom processor. Our next generation router, known as Aries, brings that technology to the PCI Express bus, so that it can operate with a much wider range of processors. With Aries, the network topology is revamped to take best advantage of fiber optic links, which much be used for all but the shortest connections. The result is the dragonfly technology, providing high neighbor bandwidth to a large group of processors and configurable global bandwidth for system wide communication.”

Recorded at the Hot Interconnects 2012 conference in Santa Clara. Download the slides (PDF).