Video: Power-Efficient, High-Bandwidth Optical Interconnects for HPC

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In this video, Fuad Doany from IBM T. J. Watson presents: Power-Efficient, High-Bandwidth Optical Interconnects for High Performance Computing.

High performance computing systems are driving development and large-scale deployment of parallel optical interconnects to meet the ever-increasing interconnect bandwidth requirements. We have demonstrated generations of chip-scale transceivers, or “Optochips”, with record setting high-speed, high-density, and low-power performance. Optical interconnects and Si-photonic communication still present significant technical challenges for future exa-scale supercomputers. Optical interconnect technology must continue to evolve to meet future bandwidth demand, including order of magnitude improvements in cost, power, density, and reliability. Integrated low-power parallel transceivers, optical printed circuit boards and silicon based integrated photonics are potential technologies to meet these challenges.”

Recorded at the Hot Interconnects 2012 Conference in Santa Clara. Download the slides (PDF).