Boise State Cuts HPC Costs with Bright Cluster Manager

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Today Bright Computing announced today that Boise State University researchers selected Bright Cluster Manager for their collaboration research cluster R1, a powerful computer system that drives interdisciplinary computational research. Bright Cluster Manager is being used for provisioning, job scheduling, monitoring and cluster management, and was selected over open source toolkits previously used at the university.

Bright cuts my own workload by 50%,” said Ken Blair, HPC Systems Engineer at Boise State, “and pays for itself over and over in terms of headcount savings.”

Boise State University’s cluster is powered by AMD Opteron CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla GPUs on Supermicro motherboards. One of R1’s unique outputs – which Blair is exploring – is the ability to display very high-resolution images across parallel display panels, making its complex simulations come alive. Read the Full Story.