Coming Attractions: Cloud Bursting Demo at PBS Works User Group

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Earlier this year, Bright Computing introduced their Cloud Bursting capabilities with a lot of fanfare. Now you can see it working for yourself at the upcoming PBS Works User Group meeting, where Solutions Architect Robert Stober will demonstrate how tightly-coupled Bright Cluster Manager and PBS Professional seamlessly extend HPC clusters into the cloud.

Using Bright Cluster Manager, you can burst into public clouds, such as Amazon EC2, with only a few mouse clicks, without the need for expert knowledge of Linux or cloud computing. Every cluster that runs Bright Cluster Manager is automatically cloud-enabled.

At insideHPC, we’ll be on hand to cover Stober’s presentation is at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, October 2nd. Also presenting at the conference is Jim Glidewell from Boeing, a joint Bright-PBS Professional user; experts from Idaho National Lab, Nissan, Clemson University, FNMOC, NASA, and the host, Altair Engineering.

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