New Podcast Series: Radio Free HPC

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This week marks my second anniversary of ownership here at insideHPC, so I’d like to take a moment to take stock and say thanks and share some exciting news with our many readers and sponsors.

The past year has had many highlights for us, but what excites me most is watching our readership continue to grow. And while insideHPC is at the heart of this success, it is gratifying to see our inside* family of publications continue to gain traction with their individual focus on Startups, Big Data, and Cloud Computing.

We’re not sitting still, though. In what has become kind of Fall tradition here, today we are launching something new: a series of podcasts called Radio Free HPC.

Radio Free HPC is:

  • Henry Newman, Instrumental CEO and pundit at Enterprise Storage Forum. As a fixture in the supercomputer industry for many years, Henry is known as Mr. I/O.
  • Dan Olds, CEO of Gabriel Consulting and HPC pundit at The Register. As often-quoted industry analyst, Dan brings a unique sense of humor to all things tech.
  • Rich Brueckner, President of insideHPC. In the interest of keeping things moving along, I’m taking on the role of Toastmaster for this show.

In this first episode of our Radio Free HPC podcast, the guys talk about Data Integrity and the menace of Silent Data Corruption – complete with a real life example! There is also talk of skin diving, moldy sandwiches and the wheel. Plus we welcome our interim sponsor: Good Enough For Now Systems.

By the way, we are seeking a corporate sponsor for this podcast, so please let us know if you’re interested. In the meantime, you can follow this show at

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  1. Congrats on the new podcast. RSS feed of the podcast for non-itunes podcatcher software will be appreciated. I am using an android device, and the podcatching software can deal with RSS podcast feeds but not itunes podcasts.