Rogue Wave Adds Threadspotter Support for Cray XE Supercomputers

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Rogue Wave Software has announced that their latest ThreadSpotter 2012.1 release with support for Cray XE supercomputers.

Scientists and engineers expressed to Rogue Wave their need to employ ThreadSpotter to optimize the performance of parallel applications on the Cray XE platform. As Cray Supercomputers are strategic platforms for our customers, we are happy to quickly respond to these requests so our products stay at the cutting-edge of the HPC market,” stated Chris Gottbrath, Product Manager at Rogue Wave. “Rogue Wave’s ThreadSpotter 2012.1 will help Cray XE users be more productive and produce more efficient programs.”

According to the company, ThreadSpotter helps eliminate performance issues by identifying problematic sites in the code where a change could make the program far more efficient. Read the Full Story.