Video: Dell’s Project Copper ARM Servers

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In this video, Dell’s Rafael Zamora describes a prototype from the company’s Project Copper, an ARM-based server platform that provides extremely high density (48 servers in 3U) and 50 percent less power consumption than comparable x86 devices. While not currently available to the public, Project Copper is a developers platform designed to seed an ecosystem for ARM servers.

The “Copper” ARM server is perfect for test and development, with its streamlined design, low power consumption and ease of deployment. At Dell, we understand you need to use new technology in your environment to accurately assess its capabilities against your specific workloads and ecosystem. A test-drive can help you evaluate how you can get the most out of new technology in the real world, not just on paper.”

Research centers including TACC are testing Project Copper devices as a potential cloud platform. Read the Full Story.

A Tip of the Hat goes out to Datacenter Knowledge for pointing us to this story.