Video: The Fight for the Future – The Internet, Censorship, Surveillance, and You

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Our Video Sunday feature continues with this keynote by former Obama Adminstration Deputy Chief Technology Officer Andrew McLaughlin.

How is Moore’s Law, ever-cheaper computing, and information networks affecting our world? Activists, individuals, and governments are using digital technologies like social media as powerful forces for change.

From 2009-2011, Andrew McLaughlin was a member of President Obama’s senior White House staff, serving as Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States. In that role, Andrew was responsible for advising the President on Internet, technology, and innovation policy, including open government, cybersecurity, online privacy and free speech, spectrum policy, federal R&D priorities, entrepreneurship, and the creation of open technology standards and platforms for health care, energy efficiency, and education.

This is a fascinating talk with amazing statistics on the growth of the digital revolution. I highly recommend it. Recorded at the Portland Digital eXperience 2012 Workshop.