Andy Bechtolsheim Keynote on Moore’s Law & Networking

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Over at EE Times, Rick Merritt writes that Andy Bechtolsheim’s recent keynote at the Linley Tech Processor Conference shed new light on the future of the high performance and networking market.

By 2013, half of all servers could include 10GE interfaces, rising to 80 percent in 2015, Bechtolsheim predicted. That’s about when Intel’s 22-nm server processors based on its Haswell design will emerge, starting a shift to 40GE on servers. The good news is large-scale data centers are creating a robust growth market for such systems. Bechtolsheim showed market research figures estimating the data center switch business alone will rise from $4-5 billion in 2010 to $15 billion in 2015. “This is basically tripling in five years–one of the few IT markets growing at this rate and it’s driven by the shifts from 1 to 10 and 40GE,” he said.

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