BigData, meet BigCompute: 1 Million Hours, 78 TB of genomic data analysis, in 1 week

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Cycle Computing CEO Jason Stowe writes that the winners of the company’s BigScience Challenge were able to do amazing science with their awarded compute time in the Cloud.

It seems like every day at Cycle, we get to help people do amazing work, but this week is a little different. This week we wrapped up our involvement in the amazing work by Victor Ruotti of the Morgridge Institute for Research, winner of the inaugural Cycle Computing BigScience Challenge. In the name of improving the indexing of gene expression in differentiated stem cells, Cycle’s utility supercomputing software just finished orchestrating the first publicly disclosed 1,000,000+ core hour HPC analysis on the Cloud. Yes, that’s 1 Million hours, or over a compute century of work, on a total of 78 TB of genomic data, in a week, for $116/hr!

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