Boston Viridis Project Shows Energy Efficiency of ARM Servers

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Over at LowPowerServers, writes that the Boston Viridis project is demonstrating highly parallel, ultra low power computing by utilizing Calxeda EnergyCore SOCs (System on a Chip) as opposed to a traditional x86 based architecture. The Boston Viridis Project is, in essence, a self contained, highly extensible, multi-node cluster with integral high- speed interconnect and storage within a standard 2U rackmount enclosure.

These are some excellent results and really show what our solution is capable of running some real world workloads. Just to put this in perspective, a standard x86 dual socket server can run anywhere up to 350w! Our 24 node configuration is roughly equivalent to a standard low power dual socket x86 system (with regards to power consumption).

In related news, the project has successfully run x86 binaries on the Viridis platform with results averaging around 45% of native ARM performance.