CPUsage Startup Harvests Your Wasted Cycles for Profit

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Over at Digital Trends, Molly McHugh writes that Portland Startup CPUsage pays users for their wasted CPU power and redistributes to companies with high performance needs.

The idea is that there are so many computers around the world that sit idle most of the day,” says co-founder Jeff Martens. “In the U.S. alone, there are 250 million PCs – and most of us let those computers sit idle most of the time. And even when we do use them, the average person is using about five percent or less of the CPU’s capabilities. We harness that unused processing power and we repurpose it and sell it to companies with high through-put and high performance needs.”

At the moment, the company is gaining traction in the area of video encoding and has raised a $1 million seed round led by Bay Area investors. Read the Full Story.